I always believe in taking a collaborative and introspective approach when working with adults, couples, families, or children. I believe this kind of approach to treatment helps patients have a deeper sense of their own wisdom and healing potential.

Because of deep emotional pain, wounds, and burdens that we each carry on a daily basis, we can often become disillusioned with ourselves or others. For most of us, our natural way of coping with these struggles is by avoiding or turning away from it. But despite the temporary relief it brings, this style of coping often maintains extreme beliefs, negative feelings, and unproductive behaviors.

I also believe that the relationship between the therapist and the patient is vital to any effective treatment. By providing a safe, supportive, connected, and compassionate environment, people can find the strength to personally explore their struggles without being pushed, pathologized, or retraumatized. That is mainly why I empower and support my patients to turn towards these areas of difficulty and explore them in a manner that often leads to lasting change and new ways of relating to themselves, others and the larger world.