Executive Coaching

Frequently, even the most self-aware and highest-performing people can find themselves faced with a new situation and new expectations, or feel unsure about their next move. Others strive to recalibrate their work/life balance but come up against conflicting priorities. Leaders who are focused on increasing engagement, defining core values, and boosting productivity may need additional resources to help foster and facilitate adopting changes.

Whether you are looking for career guidance or seeking further leadership development for yourself or your organization, stopping to think about what you want to achieve and how you want to manifest those goals requires asking yourself tough questions… which can be a challenging and humbling process.

But these are the questions that the most successful leaders and professionals routinely ask themselves. They confront their weaknesses, are clear about their values and priorities, and seek support whenthey encounter their limitations or experience lack of personal fulfillment. They know that success comes to those who let loose their natural strengths and abilities yet understand — and know how to control — their inherent weaknesses. This self-awareness is one of the most critical tools that the most successful professionals have at their disposal. It’s what compels them to change and enables them to keep moving forward.

The Process For Individual Coaching

Evolution requires motivation, will-power and, perhaps most importantly, the desire and ability to change. It’s pretty tough to tackle all of this alone, no matter how self-aware and motivated you are. Identifying the best resources to support you and facilitate development is a critical step.

My goal is to help you meet yours. Meetings will be forward-focused, goal-oriented, and collaborative — yet open-ended — with the opportunity to explore any related professional and personal issues. Since work and life are rarely mutually exclusive, succeeding at one requires understanding the other. As an executive coach, I leverage my expertise as a licensed psychologist to link the two spheres in a meaningful and impactful way. I will challenge your thinking and explore your unconscious biases and flawed judgements. I will ask the right questions to tackle the most difficult issues and elicit meaningful personal and professional growth.

Together, we will identify what you want to achieve and then define specific objectives that will get you there. We will assess your business, leadership, inter- and intra-personal skills and synthesize the best strategies to achieve your desired goals. We will identify your strengths and weaknesses and any potential pitfalls that may derail you; isolate unconscious biases that impact your judgements and decisions; and develop and sharpen your unique set of skills into a powerful edge in the workforce.

Assessments will help us understand how your strengths and weaknesses manifest themselves to others. The goal is not to change your personality, but to reframe your shortcomings as advantages so they become an asset and not an obstacle. As you build your arsenal of tools and develop your self-awareness, you will ultimately improve rather than erode your productivity.

Through structured work sessions, you will develop and deepen your emotional intelligence and hone the edges of your strengths and leadership skills: you will become more self-aware, develop better social skills, learn the art of self-control, read people more accurately and, ultimately, become a stronger, higher-performing, and more effective leader.