Business Services

Whether working with the C-suite executives, a team, or an individual, my goal is to effect personal and company change by:

Fostering the acquisition and application of key leadership tools.
Challenging your blind spots and shortcoming.
Sharpening your innate strengths and advantages.
Clarifying your values and goals.

Management Skills

Strategic planning and implementation
Building effective leadership skills
Managing time efficiently
Transitioning in or up

Team Building

Managing up
Working with difficult but talented people
Managing team dynamics
Being a team player
Conflict management

Work / Life Balance

Reducing stress or anxiety
Achieving work/life balance
Defining personal and professional goals
Reconciling personal priorities with professional fulfillment

Organizational Health

Improving employee satisfaction and increasing retention
Creating an effective selection process and hiring the right people
Building individual support for organizational goals
Supporting organizational evolution
Facilitating smooth succession and transition
Nurturing internal talent

Executive Coaching

Whether you are looking for career guidance or seeking further leadership development for yourself or your organization, stopping to think about what you want to achieve and how you want to manifest those goals requires asking yourself tough questions… which can be a challenging and humbling process.